Design Software

Design software is the starting point for turning ideas into reality.
We especially like:


We introduce literally everyone, from K to Grey, to CAD design with TinkerCAD.  The intuitive program has very useful tutorials and provides quick success which is important if a student is going to stick with CAD.

We were introduced to the power of Fusion 360 at DigiFabCon’s Design Swarms, facilitated by Surya Vanka in cooperation with Sunand Bhattacharya from the Learning Futures Group at Autodesk’s Education Experience.  The cloud-based program allows for fast, iterative design within groups and again, is easy to use with good technical support.  It’s especially impressive that Autodesk’s education initiatives are really about advancing the power of new design tools, not so much about selling product.  So they are willing to integrate other programs and work with a variety of vendors.  That’s a refreshing attitude of collaboration!


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