3D Print Life Support

Fab Lab Hub is thrilled to partner with 3D Print Life Support and their global tech support referral site and marketplace for 3D printing service and support. The platform allows 3D Printer users to easily connect with 3D printing experts in their area or around the world for on-demand and/or on-site technical support.

How it Works
3D Printer users can search for Techs on the Life Support website  by rating, distance, area of expertise, and the type of service needed. Categories range from printer installation, calibration, tutorials, and repair, to CAD, slicing, and filament selection.  3d printing experts who wish to provide support to end users in their area or electronically are now welcome to join the 3D Print Life Support team. It is free to register and create a Tech profile on Life Support until June 1st, 2017. After June 1st, in order to help pay for advertising and site maintenance, 3D Printlife is asking Techs to subscribe for as little as $1.99 per month to maintain a profile. Techs will not be charged until June 1, 2017.

Relationships between Techs and customers are independent of Life Support; Techs who sign up will chose their own pricing and the means for providing support, either on-site, Skype, telephone or other media directly with their customer. They will have a profile page to describe their expertise and availability. As in many networks, which are at the heart of the P2P revolution, users will be able to rate their experience, stimulating the quality of the interaction between those providing service and those receiving it. Life Support Techs will also enjoy zero transaction or processing fees for any service they provide through 3D PrintLife. Techs based in the United States will also receive special discounts from 3D Printlife on 3D printers and filaments.

Opportunity for Fab Labs
We think this is a terrific possible revenue stream for fab labs or makerspaces, many of which are non-profits.  Someone in the lab can be the Life Support Coordinator and most facilities usually have a number of people looking for tech work.  Since the financial arrangements are between the customer and the technician, the lab can build in overhead to the pricing to cover their expenses in administering the program.  Working through a group also ensures a better chance a customer can find the right resources meeting their needs.

Make Santa Fe has already signed up and others plan to sign on soon!  Sign up here to give it a try at no cost until June 1.

Coming Soon…3D Printer Tech Support Training
In conjunction with 3D Print Life Support, Fab Lab Hub will be offering Tech support training that we hope can be rolled out to Fab Labs and Makerspaces around the county.  Watch this space for details!



To register as a 3D Print Life Support tech or find Life Support for your 3D Printer, please visit www.3dprintlifesupport.com .


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